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Protect the Planet and
Earn Cryptocurrency Rewards

Innovative Recycling Kiosks

Use our recycling kiosks to deposit plastic bottles which will be processed and stored in exchange for points.

Cryptocurrency-based Rewards

Earn points for every plastic bottle you deposit to our kiosks, then use them to buy PTH mainnet coins.

Mainnet to BEP20 Bridge

You can use our bridge to convert your PTH mainnet coins to PTH-BEP20 tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

Interactive Mobile Application

Purchase gift certificates and special products using your points via the app. You can store your PTH mainnet coins and PTH-BEP20 tokens as well.

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Become A Plastic Hero When You Rid The World Of Plastic

The Plastic Hero project is constantly evolving in order to deliver effective rewards to you while also making positive contributions to countries, corporations, and environmental organizations.

The project utilizes smart technology to clean and purify cities and your participation in it will help bring about the creation of a sustainable green environment for future societies.

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Where Does
The Plastic Go?

  • The Plastic Hero project collects plastic waste through our kiosks and pyrolyzes it into crude oil and flakes/pellets. These wastes are processed and used as raw materials for petrochemical products.

  • The project also explores the possibility of conducting a carbon emission business through partnerships with carbon emission allocators and companies promoting external reduction projects.

  • Plastic Hero aims to partner with government authorities to promote the widespread usage of our recycling kiosks. First, we plan to expand our services all over Korea. Eventually, we will expand our Plastic Hero kiosks worldwide.

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Purchase Nodes and Earn PTH Coin!

Plastic Hero offers 10,000 nodes for purchase where you can mine PTH coins daily!

  • All nodes will collectively mine 3,000,000 PTH coins daily.
  • Every node you own will reward you with PTH coins on a daily basis.
  • We will burn PTH coins regularly to prevent inflation and preserve the coin's value.
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Collect Plastic,
Collect Points

We like to reward you for your good deeds. With the Plastic Hero Project, you can earn points for saving the planet.

  • Earn unlimited points.
  • Use these points to purchase PTH Mainnet coins!.
  • Bridge your PTH Mainnet coins for PTH-BEP20 tokens (1PTH:1 PTH-BEP20).

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Make The Best of Your Rewards with Our Mobile App

Access our mobile application to utilize your mined mainnet coins the smart way.

  • Use the mobile app to easily store your mined PTH mainnet coins and PTH-BEP20 tokens.
  • Purchase gift certificates and special products affiliated with exchanged points for you or your loved ones via the application.
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The Way To Your Rewards

Register with the application to drop plastic bottles into our kiosks and easily earn your rewards.

  • Complete your registration using a QR code to become a member.
  • Deposit the plastic bottles into the kiosk. The collected plastic bottles will be processed and stored.
  • We recycle the collected plastic and reward you with points.
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2021 Q1
Develop Plastic Hero's strategic plan
2021 Q2
Establish an in-house development team and company operations
2021 Q4
Commence PTH mainnet development
2022 Q2
Start PTH Node development
2023 Q1
Begin PTH Node mining
2023 Q3
List PTH on global exchanges
2023 Q4
Commence development of PTH mainnet smart contract
2024 Q1
Begin global market penetration and expansion
2024 Q2
Test PTH mainnet smart contract
2024 Q4
Commence PTH mainnet smart contract service
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Ethan Lee

Plastic Hero Global CEO

William Woo

Plastic Hero Korea Chairman

Sonya Kim

Plastic Hero Korea CEO

Logan Lee

Head of Marketing

John Lee

Head of Facility Management / Ecocentre CEO

Jim Kwak

Head of Blockchain Development

Want to know more? Download the whitepaper to learn more about the project!
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Plastic Hero Investors & Partners

Plastic Hero investors and partners comprise investment firms, blockchain foundations, metaverse projects, live streaming platforms, and more. These partnerships and investments enable us to deliver the best experience to our users.

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